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Prost-X is a dietary supplement manufactured by Standard Process. The company claims that their supplement is mostly of use in glandular therapy and can help maintain the health of bones, muscles and nerve tissues.

The supplement contains Cytosol, a substance extracted from bovines and other more common ingredients such as calcium. This ingredient is known for their beneficial effects on the entire body. Dr. Royal Lee has extensively researched Cytosol and PMG extracts and has defined them as almost vital to a proper body functioning.

A limited number of consumer reviews and opinions can be consulted at the time of this review. To compensate this and the lack of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the formula, we recommend you consult a healthcare specialist.

Prost-X Reviews53
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  1. Sean J. Erickson says:

    My PSA test went from 5.06 down to 2.20 in less than 4 weeks after taking Prost-X and reducing my processed food intake of sugars, dairy and grains. It worked and I am getting more; just to be sure! Thank you Standard Process for the great service!

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